Our Mission

The QUT Trading and Investment Club’s (QUTTIC) mission is to provide education and support for like-minded students that have a passion for financial markets. QUTTIC strives to inspire students to learn about financial markets. QUTTIC is a leader within the QUT Trading and Investment community and is driven to deliver an educational experience to its members.

Meet the Execs

Our executive team is committed to bring the most valuable experience to our members. Being once members, the current executives have risen through the QUTTIC council and have gained insightful knowledge on the markets in the process. Our executives are all actively trading and investing in the financial markets.


Sam Keenan-Hohn



Keenan McCluskey

Vice President


Alexander Nobbs



Michael Fordham


Our Members

Member Status: 346 members and counting!

The QUT Trading and Investment Club (QUTTIC) has a large range of members from all different major backgrounds. As we are a trading club, we attract members from the STEM fields. In addition to this, our investing component attracts business and law students. Please refer to our current member profile below.